Professional Drain Cleaning in Lynnwood, WA

drain cleaning in Lynnwood, WA done by our plumber MattGot a clogged drain (or several)? Our plumbers are expert drain cleaners in Lynnwood. We'll get in and out of your house in just a few minutes, getting your plumbing back to working order in next to no time. We have drain snakes, augers, and video inspection equipment that allows us to pinpoint the location of the clog and effectively remove it in just a few simple steps. Even the most stubborn of clogs are no match for our tools.

If you have several drains backing up simultaneously, then you might have a main sewer line clog. Our technicians can help here, too. Just give us a call the moment you notice your drains acting up, and we'll help spare you from water damage and more.

Signs of a Clogged Sewer Line

You have multiple drain clogs at once.

This is a sure sign that a main sewer line clog is present deeper within your plumbing system, rather than just at the toilet, sink, or other location.

Your toilets aren't flushing properly.

If your toilets aren't flushing or filling with water appropriately, then it's a tell-tale sign of a main sewer line clog. Try plunging them first, and if that doesn't work, call your local plumber ASAP.

Water is backing up in the home.

This can get dangerous, especially if your water contains raw sewage. Prevent further water damage by calling a plumber to help clean up the mess, stop the flow of water, and unclog your main sewer line immediately.

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